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Eman wasn’t planned


This name was actually not in the plan.
We had a list of other names to put on this effortless, youthful headscarf.

Skali, what happened?

Usually by default, for whatever designs that we are working on.. we will automatically (& unconsciously) terbagi nama. Just so that it’s easier to address in discussions. In some cases, we would put a much meaningful name on during the final stage. Because we believe each one of our designs have a different story behind them :)

In Eman Shawl’s case, we were only calling it Eman because it was light on the tongue (and probably because we saw something that we ended up calling Eman, Eman). However as we go along, all the other names didn’t seem to fit into her. Hence we sealed the name on Eman. Plus we hope it’ll remind us to stay steadfast in our beautiful deen. insyaAllah!


“Love that I don’t have to use pins. And sometimes I don’t even iron it!” – Nadiah

Eman Shawl’s new batch – coming in ten pretty shades – is going to be in store starting this Monday. The colours will not repeat (very likely – as you may already notice from the previous ones).


Of course you may reach us via WhatsApp. Or come straight away to the boutique :)

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, girls!

See you!

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