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Common Eating Mistakes That We Do


We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But some of us tend to skip this step mostly due to no time or too busy to make a hearty breakfast. So, we grab something on the go and easy like chocolate. But chocolate is not filling and we will easily feel hungry. Other than that, consuming chocolate is just an energy booster to go through the morning.

Let change this unhealthy habit. If we know we do not have time to make breakfast the next morning, why not prepare the night before like making overnight oats. Oats are high in fiber and it can help us feel full longer. Other than that, we can always grab fruits like banana and apple on the go. Its so easy we can eat it while driving (carefully, of course) hehe. Or frozen strawberry or blueberry (freeze it overnight). Healthy and nutritious!


Research also showed that those who skipped breakfast always tend to have high calories food for lunch or dinner. This is because we starve ourselves in the morning and bayar balik during lunch. Which is true though. We tend to eat like crazy during lunch in order to stay full throughout the day.

So solution for this is to always eat your meals accordingly. Eat something light in the morning as something simple like egg sandwich or an apple. This helps prevent over eating during lunch. But if breakfast is not a thing for you, go for healthier choices for lunch. Maintaining a well balance meal is important. Meal preparations at home if you are on a budget and maybe if you spare money go to Pan and Wok for their variety choice of healthy foods.


In our culture, hitea is quite a popular meal time to go for. By 3 to 5pm, restaurants are packed. Common hitea menu is cucur, martabak, kopi and teh tarik. These already cost about $5.

I have to admit, at times I might even have a second lunch like meal for hitea like rice and what not. Rather than having those delicious cucurs or martabaks and other guilty pleasures, why not have opt for nuts,  protein bar or fruits. Just to keep the mouth busy.


We always hear dinner should be light and we should eat at least 2 hours before bedtime. But in Brunei, our culture is to eat berabis during dinner. Kanyang tidur. Haha. We can still practice eating light for dinner by controlling or limiting our meal portions. For example, eat more of side dish like veges or protein and just small amount of rice as carbohydrate. Or we can always opt for soup.

Overall, we do not have to eat healthy as per the book. As long as we maintain a balance meal and have regular exercise, it is okay to have cheat meal once in a while hehe. Also, if we eat, try to avoid membazir or boros. Eat what we feel like eating only and what we capable of. If inda habis, tapau. You can always eat it later or bagi makan your kucing kah. If you do not have cats, stray cat! #feedthestray hehe. Most importantly, hydrate yourself! Drink plenty of water to detox our body system.

Be a better me. #CbAbetterme.



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