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Inspiring Women of the Month – Amaiya Zafar

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Throughout the time we only hear Muhammad Ali as the star and legend of the boxing ring. But now, lets hear other unseen or unheard fighter (well duhh.. of course, nobody can replace Muhammad Ali. His legacy still lives up to now. Hehe). CbA #coveredgirl of the week is Amaiya Zafar from USA. She has been in the ring for two years and she is only 17! However, she is not allowed to fight professionally yet.

The USA Boxing and the International Boxing Association said Amaiya cannot fight in the ring due to the violation of the uniform code which is the hijab she is wearing and fully covered legs. This is due to the inability to detect injuries that occur during matches. She was barred from boxing as she refused to remove her hijab during match. But all these did not stop her to train more and aim to box in the Olympics.

Other than that, she does not only box because it is her passion but for her right to box while wearing a hijab. She is truly an inspiration for us women not to give up what we aim for. Talk about semangat guys.

All these research I have done on inspiring women constantly amazes me. I am truly inspired by all these women so far. Now, tell us who inspires YOU.



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