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Inspiring Women of the Month – Hedaya Wahba

Hedaya photo

CbA #coveredgirl of the week is.. *drumroll* Hedaya Wahba of Egypt. She won bronze medal in the recent Olympic in Rio. She took up taekwando from her brother and later followed up by her little brother. It is safe to say it is their family sport. She started taekwando as early as six years old. (What was I doing when I was six?). It is such an inspiration because who would have thought her passion led her to becoming an Olympian. When I was six, I was still in primary school, still playing with my barbies and loveeeddd to watch Sailormoon. Basically, that time I hadn’t had any idea of my future plan yet. But Hedaya was already independent that she decided to do taekwando until now. Talking about commitment! Wow.

Despite coming from an Arab country, it does not stop her from following her passion. Arab is well known for its strict law and underprivileged of women. In some Arab countries do not allow women to have career and they don’t have the same privilege in education. It was only recent that Arab women start to emerge from their confinement zone, but… only in certain Arab countries. For example, Saudi Arabia recently let their women go to stadium and watch games. It is sad to know that women are still being oppressed in this modern world. But now, Alhamdulillah Arab women are now slowly given their freedom. Alhamdulillah in Brunei, women are given equal opportunity as men. Eventhough there are still small numbers of women holding higher position in the ministry compares to men but so far there is no problem relating to gender inequality here in Brunei.

“Men and women have equal rewards for their deeds”

Quran 3:195

So…. Who is your inspiration this week? We still have another four #coveredgirls of the month coming next week and the following weeks! Stay tune and I hope you enjoy reading our Inspiring Women of the Month segment.

Do comment below if you have suggestion on who or what I should write next. All ideas and recommendations are welcomed. Even comments about my writing too. Itsk….. hehe. See you next time!



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