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Inspiring Women of the Month – Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

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Inspiring women of the week is Shelina….. Gomez. Kidding. Shelina Zahra Janmohamed hailed from North England. Her parents migrated to England from Tanzania in the 60s. She is one of Britain’s leading female Muslim writer in which one of her book is Love in a Headscarf (2009). Love in the Headscarf is a memoir of her journey growing up as a Muslim woman to fall in love and find her faith. And eventually, decided to follow the arranged marriage to find Mr. Right for her.

I’ve heard about this book before and I don’t remember why I haven’t gotten myself one. One of my friend once recommended me and now, my boss! After doing a lil research about her and her books, it makes me want to read it. Especially her arrange marriage because in Brunei, we don’t really hear about people getting into arrange marriage anymore. Some might say it is very old-fashioned because long term relationship is normal now in Brunei. But our neneks and datuks were following it and it was kinda part of the culture or tradition (I think). Now, parents let their children choose their soulmate.


Other than just being a writer, she also blogs ( which has received several awards! Dear, Shelina, I blog for CbA too, You and I can be friends now. So you can teach me how to blog effectively and eventually win awards for CbA too. Haha just kidding. But that would be awesome. Anyone can dream, right? :D

Shelina was named by The Times newspaper and the UK Equalities Commission as one of the UK’s 100 most influential Muslim women. Also, recently she was named as one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world. Masya Allah, a true inspiration to all young women out there.

Tell us what you think about Shelina.

(Who wants to lend me her book, please leave a message in the comment box below. Hehe.).



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