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Inspiring Women of the Month – Tahereh Mafi

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CbA’s last inspiring women of the month of November is… Tahereh Mafi. An auTHOR (do you see what I did there? :P still on my Thor fever haha) who is an Iranian-American, currently residing in Santa Monica, California. She can speak 8 different languages! How amazing is that? I did study Arabic and German back in Uni before but it was only beginner class. I kinda regret not furthering it. But seeking knowledge does not stop up to university, right? There is always next time, Insha Allah.

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So, Tahereh Mafi prefers to write young-adult literature or fiction which she wrote Shatter Me in 2011. It is about a 17-year-old girl with lethal touch and is unique in that it contains passages and lines that have been crossed out. It somehow became a trilogy/series. The sequel, Unravel Me was then released in 2013, third book, Ignite Me in 2014 and her forth book, Restore Me which will be released in 2018. In one of her interview, she said that the inspiration in writing her books came from “an interest in human nature and humanity’s ability to overcome great obstacles”.

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You have gotta check out her Instagram page, @taherehmafi. Her husband takes amazing pictures and OOTD of her! His photography skill is very top notch. I need that kind of Instagram husband or best friend can do too hehe. Other than talent in writing, she definitely has an eye for fashion. Look at all of her outfit and style. That is major goal for my wardrobe.

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So what do you think of our final inspiring women of the month of November? Definitely an inspiration when it comes to intelligence and fashion sense.

What do you think CbA’s December theme will be? Stay tune next week!



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