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Inspiring Women of the Month – Muslim Travelers

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Our third feature of the month is Huda of Muslim Travelers. Huda and her husband, Zain, started Muslim Travelers in 2012 with the aim to spread message of not stereotyping and negative portrayal of Muslims in the media. They also aim to “build understanding, and create more empathy in the world through what they love most – travel!.” These American Muslim couple are engineers who have traveled over 50 countries across the world and as Muslim Travelers; they documented their experiences and insights of their journey to the website, www.muslimtravelers.comScreen Shot 2017-12-18 at 11.31.06

Other than that, they also do write ups or something like a blog too such as the Muslim Travel Ban and travelling tips like Hajj, backpacking, Muslim honeymoon destinations and many more. All of these are very useful if you are an adventurous type or who is always looking for new and different travel places.

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If you fancy nature or architecture photography, you may visit and follow their Instagram account, @muslimtravelers, for beautiful photos of places they have visited. Through their social media also they have worked with various agencies across the world to promote their travel mission such as to travel conferences and featured in both Muslim and non-Muslim medias outlets in order to spread message of world peace through travelling.

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Writing about these couple makes me envy their life. You can travel the world while still having your job. Definitely an inspiration….. to travel with my future spouse hehehe.

1 week left to 2018! Are you excited? Cos I am. I can’t wait to see what 2018 have for me. But what’s important is…. Keep calm ’cause Allah is the best of planner.



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