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Inspiring Women of the Month – Khairunnisa Ash’ari

As per my last week iW post (Polar Girl), I have mentioned that Brunei has grown intensively in terms of women’s involvement in the government, private and NGOs. Especially ever since the appointment of youth representatives as the members in the Legislative Council. So… can you guess who is CbA’s pick this week and the last #CbAmpower woman of the month?

This week feature is……..

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-26 at 5.09.37 PM

Yang Berhormat Dayang Khairunnisa binti Awang Haji Ash’ari

Yang Berhormat is well known throughout Brunei as she is one of the youth members of the Legislative Council (LegCo) along with other two that representing youth.

Being a member of the LegCo, she is heavily active in community work and engaging with Bruneian community especially youth in order to help sampaikan voices and concerns of the community to the above (officials). She was elected as a LegCo member in 2017 and ever since that, the nation was overjoyed hearing this news. Celebrating the glass wall as it kinda broke the tradition of only having elders as the members.

Other than as a LegCo member, similar to last week’s feature, Yang Berhormat was awarded ASEAN Youth Award in 2014 and Youth Service Award in 2013. With this kind of recognition and awards, she really deserves a place in the council. She really played her role being a member of the council by hearing out our voice, her concern towards the nation in order to have a better living for us and also to achieve Brunei’s Wawasan Negara 2035. Tackling environmental issues, coming up with solutions and making positive changes and impact both for Brunei and abroad.


Do you also know she was the first Bruneian to be awarded the Queen’s Young Leaders Award? Yes! This happened in 2015 and in recognition of her leadership role in the community. WOW! What a breakthrough for a Bruneian to achieve this. Truly an inspiration to all of us.

It has been 4 weeks of local features in CbA’s Inspiring Women segment. All are amazing on their own, with their own talents, skills and passion all for…. Our beloved country, Brunei Darussalam. But lets not make this as an alasan for us (in CbA and the public). Just because it is National day’s month and #CbAmpower, we only focus and appreciating our Bruneian’s spirit. Lets continue to do this forever… Inspiring youth through empowerment and patriotism.



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