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Inspiring Women of the Month: Khadijah binti Khuwaylid


I have covered many features of Inspiring Women for the past few months, both local and international women for their amazing achievements and skills. Inspiring women feature is here once a week to inspire us all, doesn’t matter it is for women, young or old but to everyone! CbA would like to be a reason for everyone’s inspiration. So, we in CbA really hope this initiative is working hehe.

So this week’s feature is…… someone important in the history of Islam and also, someone very dear to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

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We all know Khadijah binti Khuwaylid as our Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s first wife and first female to embrace Islam. But what we missed is that she was one of the prominent businesswoman and one of the elite figures in Mecca. Isn’t that amazing. Even masa zaman Nabi kitani sudah ada recognition among the women.

I remember when I was still in sekolah ugama, my teacher mentioned that Khadijah played an important role in supporting and propagating the new faith of Islam alongside the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Prophet Muhammad have said in a hadith by Sahih Muslim:

“Allah the Almighty never granted me anyone better in this life than her. She accepted me when people rejected me; she believed in me when people doubted me; she shared her wealth with me when people deprived me; and Allah granted me children only through her.”

Masya Allah, we can already see betapa sayangnya Baginda to Khadijah. And the hadith is so sweet pun. It is like having someone write a song for you. hahaha. But really, that is how Prophet Muhammad (SAW) expressed his love for his dear wife, Khadijah.

She originally hired Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to work for her and little did she know, she had feelings for him. Eventually she proposed to him. Yes! She proposed him. How courageous and empowering is that? I don’t think I would be able to do that haha.

Fun fact (maybe not to some hehe): Do you know that Prophet Muhammad and Khadijah’s marriage lasted for 25 years? And Prophet Muhammad (SAW) only remarried after Khadijah’s passing.

Now.. that is what I call true love.

Since CbA theme this month is #MARCHLove and appreciating women, this week, CbA would like to dedicate our appreciation to Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s first wife, Khadijah binti Khuwaylid, who was more than a confidante and companion to our prophet but also being the first few people to support Islam and helped our prophet to spread Islam in the Middle East centuries ago.

Islam arrived as guidance for all mankind and as a catalyst in the lives of woman. Rights of women were being uphold and protected. From just being a commodity in the household, wives became a source of dignity.

That is the beauty of Islam <3



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