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Inspiring Women of the Month – Nana Asma’u

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As you may have guessed it from our Instagram post, our inspiring woman of the month is Nana Asma’u, full name Nana Asma’u bint Shehu Usman. A poet and teacher who helped influence the idea of women’s right towards education and Islam in Africa. She was and is still a revered figure in northern Nigeria.

Fun fact! Do you know she was a princess? Like a real real princess? It is amazing how she used her power and influence to help the community especially education for women in Nigeria. Imagine, role of women before weren’t as recognized as now. Women were bounded at homes to serve husband and looked after their children. But she was different. She brought changes to Nigeria by spreading and encouraging girls and women to have knowledge.


One inspiring work she had done was where she instructed female teachers in her district to go from one house to another just to teach Quran and Islamic teachings.

She really made an impact to education in Nigeria where places such as schools, halls and organizations are named after her. How I wish my name was everywhere. Well… Some places do have my name on it but I doubt they are naming it after me. Haha. What an honour it is for Asma’u to have been recognized for her part in Islam.

It’s amazing how not only women in this day of age are able to inspire us but the movement has been there along with the movement of Islam. Hope we all one day can become as inspiring as Asma’u and those like her.



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