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What would you call me . . . . .

Miss A: “Do you remember Jannah?”

Miss B: “Jannah yg mana?”

Miss A: “Jannah yg manis-manis atu. Lemah lembut tu ia becakap..”


Pernah ada conversation cemani dengan our friends and families? Biasa, kan.. Bila kita kan explain atau describe sesorang atu, we use nicknames or titles that we think & feel would suit him/her.

There’s a story, of a man who was honest, trusted, loved by the people around him – until orang2 yang kenal lelaki ani, menggelarnya…. Al-Amin (Yang dipercayai – The Trustworthy).

Your unconscious mind must be smiling at the thought of this very very beloved Prophet of ours – Muhammad s.a.w. This title, bukan baginda sendiri yang cakap atau bagi arah dirinya. He did not proclaim himself as the Al-Amin. BUT indeed it was given by the people, even before He became the Prophet.


Masya Allah…

Apa yang kita dapat belajar dari situasi ani?

For me, it was his character.. his actions.. that made him deserve that title. Hence menunjukkan, action does speak louder than voice. And Muhammad is really trustworthy.

Let’s reflect on our actions and character as a Muslim.. What would those who are close to you, call you? :)






May Allah give us the best character and make us among the people who will get syafaat from Rasulullah s.a.w di akhirat nanti. Amin.

We hope you like this short and sweet reflection post in conjunction with #Maulidurrasul <3



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